1997 Volkswagen Golf Owner's Manual

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1997 Volkswagen Golf Owner's Manual

The cargo compartment of Volkswagen Golf Variant is rather capacious and functional. It is divided into two departments by a horizontal rigid shelf, which initially seemed to be just a floor to please the latest fashion. But this division is not equal – the lower part is very modest in height and is intended for transportation of necessary small things, instead of placing packages from the supermarket. But the top part is a full-fledged luggage carrier.

Rear seats can be easily folded down separately or together – in this case a flat floor with the length of 1.7 m up to the back of the driver’s seat is formed. The front passenger seat can also be folded down, and then the luggage area becomes even larger. And if it is necessary to place some long object with all the seats in the Volkswagen Golf Variant, for example skis, the central armrest of the back sofa is folded, opening a decent-sized hatch.

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