2004 Mazda MPV Owner's Manual

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2004 Mazda MPV Owner's Manual

In 1999, at the Frankfurt Motor Show, Mazda presented its second generation MPV. It was not just an update or modernization, the car was made from scratch. The main external difference then of the new front-wheel drive MPV from the old one was in the proportions of the body. The changes were due to the layout and platform features. The previous (rear-wheel drive) model had all-wheel drive version. The transmission required space, so the body gave the impression of being compressed underneath. Now the transmission is compactly located in front, providing more space for passengers.

The exterior has been significantly redesigned. The exterior was the embodiment of corporate style of Mazda, it harmoniously combined the V-shaped radiator shell, flowing smoothly into the hood topography, headlights and a massive company emblem.

The updated MPV differed by 40 mm longer body, different design of the front end with a new bumper, typical for all Mazda models of those years grille and new headlights. The rear bumper was also different in shape from the previously installed. The interior trim used slightly different, higher quality materials, as well as aluminum inserts on the dashboard.

There are two engines available for the new generation: 2.3 liter 141 hp and 2.0 liter 136 hp turbodiesel. It is noteworthy, that a traction control system began to be installed on all versions of the minivan.

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