2005 GMC Sierra Owner's Manual

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2005 GMC Sierra Owner's Manual

The Sierra Extended Cab chassis design is typical for such American pickups. The front suspension is independent, and the rear suspension is bilevel, with leaf springs, so Sierra has an outstanding off-road ability. At the same time, it is also roomy in terms of cargo transportation. In part, this is the merit of 3645-millimeter wheelbase. If we talk about the overall dimensions of the car, its length is 5847 mm, width is 2029 mm, and height is 1877 mm.

Already “in base” GMC Sierra is equipped with the most necessary equipment for safety and comfort of passengers, and for extra money equipment can be significantly expanded. Totally, there are many versions of Sierra available for order, so every potential customer can easily select the one that best meets his specific requirements for a pickup.

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