2006 Cadillac Cts Owner's Manual

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2006 Cadillac Cts Owner's Manual

A lot of innovations have appeared in the equipment of CTS. For example, front seats with 20 adjustments, automatic tensioning of belts while driving and an automatic parking system. All of this is seasoned with 10 airbags, adaptive cruise control, customizable instrument cluster with high-definition display, projection display, motorized cup holder, electronic glove box lock, audio system with 11 or 13 speakers, remote engine start and many other “chips”.
However, that alone is not enough, so the body, chassis, and (to a lesser extent) engines were put on a diet. As a result, the CTS in basic version weighs 1640 kg, which is 111 kg less than the same car in the second generation. Along the way, the engineers managed to achieve almost ideal weight distribution – 50.3% falls on the front axle, and 49.7%, respectively, on the rear.

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