2006 Dodge Viper Owner's Manual

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2006 Dodge Viper Owner's Manual

In spite of the fact that this generation of Viper does not formally carry Dodge’s name any more, as development and production of the car was passed over to the SRT sports division, it is still the same legendary coupe – fantastically beautiful, incredibly powerful, with a minimum of electronics and very challenging to drive. If you compare it with its predecessor, the engineers reconfigured the steering with hydraulic booster, installed Brembo brake mechanisms with four-piston calipers and 355-millimeter discs on both axles, The aerodynamic drag coefficient was reduced to 0.365, the tubular frame was almost entirely made of high-strength steel, connections and mountings were strengthened, aluminum and magnesium alloys were used, and X-shaped stretching under the hood was installed to increase body’s rigidity. And this is just a part of the changes. Not visible to the eye, but very important.

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