2006 Ford Focus Owner's Manual

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2006 Ford Focus Owner's Manual

The interior of the new Ford Focus was also changed: it became more universal and comfortable. Smooth outlines of the new center console – a clear embodiment of the principles of “kinetic design”. The instrument panel is illuminated in red light, which makes the indicators easier to read. Particular attention has been paid to the quality of the trim, made with premium materials.

The new Ford Focus is rich in new features and optional equipment. The EasyFuel lidless fuel filler neck will help avoid mistakes when refueling, and the low pressure warning system will help avoid tire problems in advance. There is a 230V power socket in the cabin, to which you can connect a variety of electrical equipment. The new Sony audio system has excellent sound quality, and also offers the possibility to listen to MP3 files and to connect your cell phone to the system via Bluetoothยฎ, thus establishing a hands-free connection. And, of course, don’t forget the LED taillights, which create a unique visual effect.

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