2006 Mazda 6 Owner's Manual

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2006 Mazda 6 Owner's Manual

There are no cardinal differences between the old and updated Mazda 6 sedan, and there shouldn’t be any – the Mazda 6 already looks quite decent. First of all it is the “turn signals”, which moved from the fenders to the side mirrors, and by the bumper, which became different.

Under the hood of the Mazda6 Sedan is not only a 2.5-liter unit (170 hp) and 1.8-liter motor (120 hp), which remained unchanged. There will be a new 2.0 liter gasoline unit with direct injection of fuel series DISI with output of 153 hp. It will replace the old engine with the same volume, which gave 147 hp. But the main advantage of the DISI unit is not in addition of a few horses, but in reduction of fuel consumption and emissions. In fact, now the 2.0-liter Mazda will spend only 6.7 liters per 100 km.

Go your own way – with the Mazda6.

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