2006 Nissan 350z Owner's Manual

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2006 Nissan 350z Owner's Manual

Nissan 350Z can be characterized as a lean, stocky, strongly built car, with a long hood and drop-shaped cabin. It would be remiss not to mention the stylishness of this model. Small “eyes” of xenon “spotlights” in the crystal depths of the headlights, narrow slits of deflectors in front of the wheel arches, vertical door handles in the “techno” style. Forged wheel disks with elegantly curved spokes, through which are perfectly visible golden calipers of powerful Brembo brakes – all this is a proof of the unique style of the Japanese car.

The interior of the Nissan 350Z is notable for its good finish and elaborate details. The dashboard dazzles with matte, black and silver colors. And the form of the panel itself is made in such a way that the instruments and air ducts of the ventilation system are put forward in the foreground. In the center of the dashboard is a display, which can display a digital image of speed, rpm, tire pressure, etc. The seats are wide, with developed side support rollers. In some versions have two electric adjustments. One button changes the angle of the backrest, the other races the seat cushion, plus the angle of the latter can be adjusted manually. “Racing” tight pedals – with big pads. The steering wheel is not adjustable, but can move up and down together with a combination of instruments. Nissan 350Z’s steering wheel is equipped with an amplifier. Gearbox lever has an optimal location and a nice finish.

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