2007 Dodge Caliber Owner's Manual

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2007 Dodge Caliber Owner's Manual

The World Engine, developed by the Chrysler Group, is powerful and highly fuel-efficient thanks to the advanced design of the cylinder head and intake manifold bore. Additionally, for the first time, Chrysler Group compact car engines feature variable valve timing (VVT) intake and exhaust timing and an intake manifold with flow controllers. Taken together, these technical solutions have increased power, improved fuel economy, smoother operation and reduced engine noise. The CVT2 variator fitted to the Dodge Caliber is a second-generation variator. Chrysler Group engineers tuned the variator so that it provides the optimal gear ratio at all times and works in concert with the engine. In addition, the variator can be manually controlled in AutoStick mode, similar to a six-speed transmission. The CVT2 offers a 6 to 8 percent reduction in fuel consumption compared with a conventional 4-speed automatic transmission.

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