2008 Nissan 350z Owner's Manual

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2008 Nissan 350z Owner's Manual

After a long silence, thirty years after the first Z, Nissan decided to introduce the fifth generation of the famous model. The car called Nissan 350Z (Nissan 350Z) is a bright and worthy representative of the Nissan Z-series family.

To begin with, it is worth noting that the Nissan 350Z is a real hatchback. As much as possible, designers have kept the shape of the front lights and “square” of the rear window of the former Z – in this similarity of the new car with its “parents” basis of recognition, and it is taken for granted. However, as Nissan chief designer Mamoru Aoki says, the look of Nissan 350Z is the look of “two-faced” egoist; the car is designed only for two people. No attributes of 2×2 form, only loudspeakers behind a back.

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