2009 Dodge Charger Owner's Manual

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2009 Dodge Charger Owner's Manual

The Dodge Charger appears in production again only five years later, in 1983. This car, which bore the name of its famous predecessor, had nothing to do with muscle cars, and shared the platform with the Chrysler L, and had a Volkswagen engine under the hood, the volume of 1.7 L and 70 horsepower. In parallel, Chrysler “twins” with names Plymouth Duster and Plymouth Turismo are produced.

In 1987, Carroll Shelby bought the last 1,000 Dodge Charger Shelby’s and had them turned into GLHS’s in his workshops (Whittier, California), which were no longer named Dodge, but Shelby Charger GLHS. The cars were equipped with 175 hp turbocharged engines with intercoolers, the suspension was equipped with Koni shock absorbers and Z type tires. The trucks could reach up to 217 km/h.

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