2010 Cadillac Cts Owner's Manual

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2010 Cadillac Cts Owner's Manual

The CTS-V Sedan features an advanced navigation system with a fold-out display, a Bose 5.1 audio system (digital panoramic sound system), Bluetooth cell phone connectivity (factory-installed) and a 40GB hard drive that can store an extensive music library. The system downloads files through the USB port or through the DVD/CD drive on the front panel. Recorded tracks can be viewed (search function available) and selected using the audio system controls.

The Cadillac CTS is a harmonious blend of elegance, innovation, expression, performance and grace. A perfect fusion of design and technology. A car created for the drivers who raise the bar of their demands very high. Cadillac CTS is not like what you have seen before. Its clear lines and special character mark a completely new approach to style. Discover unparalleled driving performance, luxury and comfort. Discover the many innovations packed into every detail of the new Cadillac. The CTS is more than just a car. It’s your personal declaration of independence.

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