2010 Chrysler Sebring Owner's Manual

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2010 Chrysler Sebring Owner's Manual

The Chrysler Sebring Cabrio was created on the basis of the Class D platform, so many of its qualities are innovative. An interesting detail is the body-colored folding hardtop, which folds down at the touch of a remote control button thanks to the electric drive. And all this on condition that as many as two golf bags can be placed in the trunk. However, for a convertible of this class it is not a little.

Externally, the Sebring Cabrio has much in common with the sedan, and this is done deliberately. The elongated silhouette serves to provide ample space in the trunk.

The convertible’s interior, too, is like the sedan’s – three “wells” of instrumentation and the spread out “wings” of the front panel. But the Sebring Cabriolet has different front seats with integrated seat belts.

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