2010 Nissan Murano Owner's Manual

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2010 Nissan Murano Owner's Manual

The power unit is located transversely and even in all-wheel drive modification of the car, the main driving wheels are the front ones – there is no inter-axle differential, and instead of it an electronically controlled muff that connects the rear wheels with slippage of the front ones is installed. For off-road is the second mode 4×4: the hard drive of both axles, which automatically returns to the first mode, when speed exceeds 30 km / h.

As for the high cross-country ability, Nissan Murano does not claim to it, although we can note such off-road advantages as short overhangs, blocking of torque distribution between the axles and lowering “automatic” register. Ground clearance is only 178 mm – it speaks about city purpose of Murano best of all. Low located oil radiator of the transmission, covered from a dirt only with a thin shield also speaks about it.

So, the stylish appearance, rich equipment, spacious interior, plus good dynamics of acceleration, highway handling and excellent work of a variator, testify that the Nissan Murano, a worthy fighter in its sport, besides one of the least expensive among competitors.

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