2011 Kia Picanto Owner's Manual

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2011 Kia Picanto Owner's Manual

KIA Picanto is a small and smart car with character. The dapper clothes immediately show that KIA Picanto is not devoid of taste. In a small KIA Picanto freely fit four adults. Nimble Kia Picanto demonstrates decent dynamics and at any moment can growl like a grown-up and repulse an unpleasant bully. In a big city, compact Kia Picanto will allow turning around at the minimum stretch of road, sneakily slip into the narrowest gap, park there, where many even with great desire will not fit, and fill up almost twice as seldom as economical enough Golf-class cars.

Cute appearance, bright comfortable interior, maneuverability, ease of driving, economy, generous security equipment and easy trunk transformation are all characteristics of Kia Picanto, which put it among the most comfortable, reliable and safe cars.

Stylish, in some ways even sports design lines of KIA Picanto completely correspond to the current European tastes.

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