2012 Toyota Tundra Owner's Manual

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2012 Toyota Tundra Owner's Manual

Toyota Tundra first appeared in 1999 and has been very popular among North American buyers ever since. Thus, for example, in 2005, 125 thousand pickups of this model were sold, which is 12.4 percent more than the year before.

And in the first month of 2006, sales of the Toyota Tundra increased by 33 percent compared to the same indicator in 2005. All in the same 2006, the current Toyota Tundra even managed to get the title of the most anticipated car in the U.S. market. Americans have closely watched the advancement to the masses of this wonder on wheels, and waited.

Toyota Tundra was designed as a truck. A powerful engine, a solid frame and a large payload… That’s what distinguishes this car from the usual pickup truck!

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