2012 Volkswagen Scirocco Owner's Manual

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2012 Volkswagen Scirocco Owner's Manual

The Volkswagen Scirocco is a front-wheel drive sports coupe built on the PQ35 (Golf V) platform. The world premiere of the third generation model took place at the Geneva Motor Show in 2008.

Despite the fact that structurally the Scirocco repeats Golf V generation almost completely, there is still some difference between the cars. In particular, engineers have widened a track, changed the settings of steering, electronics and safety systems. Moreover the dimensions have changed: the Scirocco became longer, wider and lower than its colleague (4256, 1810 and 1400 mm respectively). As the front suspension in the Volkswagen Scirocco uses McPherson struts. At the rear, a multi-lever design is installed. Optionally, the coupe is offered with a 3-mode adaptive chassis that changes the settings of suspension stiffness and electric power steering.

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