2013 Kia Picanto Owner's Manual

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2013 Kia Picanto Owner's Manual

The second-generation Kia Picanto hatchback stands out against the previous Kia Picanto variant due to its signature H-shaped grille, massive front bumper with an impressive central air intake, large headlights and boomerang-shaped rear LED headlights.

The interior of the KIA Picanto has a lot of common stylistic solutions with the interior of the model Rio. From the “big brother” Picanto got the dashboard, consisting of three “wells”. In addition, the cars have a similar style of the central console, which is divided into two zones: one zone houses an audio system with ducts, the other – the control unit for climate control.

Interior design is designed in terms of functionality and ergonomics and is made in continuation of the exterior. It consists of curved surfaces and rounded contours. Excellent design, the presence of many places for storage and transportation of things makes the interior of Kia Picanto stylish and as practical as possible.

The safety level of Kia Picanto meets the latest norms and standards for small class cars.

In the markets of other countries KIA Picanto is also known as KIA Morning.

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