2013 Kia Sorento Owner's Manual

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2013 Kia Sorento Owner's Manual

The Kia Sorento impresses with its balance and pronounced individuality: the clear lines of the side windows are harmoniously combined with the large wheel arches, elongated headlights and the radiator grille, in the development of which the hand of Kia chief designer Peter Schreyer is felt. The latest Kia Motors models embody Schreyer’s signature Schreyer Line concept, and the Kia Sorento is no exception.

The appearance of KIA Sorento is unobtrusively traced in sports features, but compared to its predecessor, the car has become more streamlined. Kia Sorento has grown up to 4.7 meters in length, while the car has become 10 cm lower than the previous model. The load-bearing body made of high-strength thin sheet steel has replaced the frame construction, and due to the lowered center of gravity it was possible to achieve better controllability of the car on the city road.

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