2014 Cadillac Ats Owner's Manual

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2014 Cadillac Ats Owner's Manual

In terms of technology, the ATS sedan doesn’t bring any innovations. Like the pre-styled version, it is built on the GM Alpha platform with McPherson struts in front and multilever behind. The “bogie” design uses a lot of aluminum: for example, some body reinforcements are made of it, as well as magnesium alloys, multi-phase and high-strength steel. At the same time, the rear differential housing is cast iron, which may seem strange, but is understandable from an engineering point of view, since this material, though heavy, provides an insignificant expansion when heated.

To improve aerodynamic performance, the ATS Sedan’s grille uses active flaps that automatically activate at high speeds and reduce the drag coefficient. In addition, part of the bottom is closed by shields, reducing the turbulence.

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