2014 Nissan Murano Owner's Manual

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2014 Nissan Murano Owner's Manual

Nissan Murano (Nissan Murano) – all-wheel drive 5-door SUV class “K3”, created on a common platform with the Nissan Altima model of the third generation. It has been on sale in Ukraine since 2003.

The Nissan Murano opens the range of Nissan models, aimed at a growing class of the European market – the class of “crossovers”. The model Murano is named after the island Murano, located in the vicinity of Venice, which is widely known for its glass-blowing industries.

The design of the car attracts attention due to the amazing combination of the impressiveness and power of a four-wheel drive car with smooth lines, which are usually seen on sports models. The Nissan Murano is therefore destined to become one of the new-generation products that change the prevailing view of Nissan cars.

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