2014 Toyota FJ Cruiser Owner's Manual

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2014 Toyota FJ Cruiser Owner's Manual

The Toyota FJ Cruiser reminds much of its ancestor, the classic “FJ40” of the 1960s. The narrow radiator grille, the round headlights “moved to the bridge of the nose”, the barred slit of the horizontal air intake in the front of the hood – these are all recognizable family features of the most famous “Toyota” of all times and peoples, which, actually speaking, made this brand famous and respected all over the world.

Style, the Toyota FJ Cruiser, is impeccable. Even the radiator of the car is decorated with a simple nameplate with the inscription “Toyota”. There is no branded Toyota emblem on the nose of the car.

The resulting image of Toyota FJ Cruiser is complemented by a wide, almost vertical windshield and “bloated” front fenders with massive “turn signals,” reminiscent of the days when the bodies of pontoon layout (without protruding wings) have not yet become common standard.

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