2015 Ford Flex Owner's Manual

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2015 Ford Flex Owner's Manual

The manufacturer calls the Ford Flex a full-size family crossover. Inside the car, passengers are welcomed by comfortable seats with a fair amount of adjustment options for the most comfortable position. Second-row seats can be shifted back to a distance that allows even the longest passenger to stretch out his or her legs freely. Transparent roof in Ford Flex does not open, but is equipped with two independent flaps, allowing you to adjust the light at the front and rear of the cabin. However, that detail is not the highlight of the Ford Flex.

Undoubtedly, the vast majority of users will consider as a highlight the refrigerator, embedded in the armrest between the front seats. It would seem that it is not an innovation, because similar refrigerators are installed in other cars, but the peculiarity of Ford Flex fridge is that it has two modes: you can put it on cooling the contents and you can freeze. The internal chamber is quite capacious, and it can hold a fair amount of beer so beloved by hippies – although the poor driver will be left out in this case.

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