2015 Mini Cooper Convertible Owner's Manual

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2015 Mini Cooper Convertible Owner's Manual

Big car or small, expensive or cheap, sporty or comfortable – everywhere, as a rule, you are surrounded by the same kinds of interior. The seat is higher here, the windows are bigger there, it is more spacious there, and more expensive there. But everywhere is just a modification of one relative to the other. When you have MINI Cooper S Cabrio, it is absolutely other sensation. The interior is only for comfortable driving, and you sit under the open sky. Sunshine in the day, stars in the evening. Only the glass in front separates you from the ambient world. It’s enough to stretch out your arm beyond its limits, and you feel how you rush through the air flow. You will feel automotive freedom.

The MINI Cooper S Cabrio’s main task is to make the owner’s life beautiful, and he or she is up to it.

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