2015 Toyota Tundra Owner's Manual

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2015 Toyota Tundra Owner's Manual

Impressive traction capabilities of Toyota Tundra are provided mainly due to the reinforced suspension, designed to take into account the additional load from the heavy trailer.

But the most striking thing about this car is not even how and what it is made of. The sizes are what make one marvel. Toyota Tundra has two glove compartments, in which “a counter with gloves” will fit without problems. There is also a large box in the armrest and lockable glove boxes in the doors. There are also a lot of compartments in the overhead console, which has four compartments. In general, it is not difficult to put small things, i.e. everything that is a little bit smaller than a sports bag, in the interior.

The interior of Toyota Tundra is one of the most comfortable in this small segment. The car is equipped with soft elastic seats and a sliding steering column, so tall drivers do not have to stretch out to reach the steering wheel, and the undersized – to put up with the fact that the steering wheel is located directly under their noses.

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