2015 Volkswagen Jetta Owner's Manual

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2015 Volkswagen Jetta Owner's Manual

Of course, the hybrid component has left a certain imprint on the characteristics and design of the Jetta. Electric motor and batteries quite expectedly increased the mass of the car, so engineers VW is extremely important to optimize the aerodynamics of sedan. Which they successfully did, achieving a 10% reduction in drag coefficient due to the special wheels, the rear bumper with a diffuser, a spoiler on the trunk lid and half-wrapped grille. The rest of the changes are minimal. The running gear is almost untouched, except for a slight modification of shock absorbers’ rigidity.

By the way, even in base kitting Jetta Hybrid is rather well equipped – six airbags, stabilization system, two-zoned climate control, leather trimming of steering wheel, sound system with eight speakers. For extra charge, of course, the list of available options is even wider and more diverse.

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