2015 Volkswagen Polo Owner's Manual

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2015 Volkswagen Polo Owner's Manual

The Volkswagen Polo Sedan is a front-wheel drive B-class sedan. The restyled version of the model made its debut in May 2015.

The updated Polo Sedan is easily recognized by the redrawn bumpers and grille, different optics, plastic hubcaps or alloy wheels in a new design. We can’t say that the look of the car was greatly transformed because of it, but they definitely influenced the perception of the sedan. And for the better.

Other features include the ability to paint the sedan in a new color for the model, “beige metallic”, additional options for upholstery and even a beige interior with inserts matte chrome. Volkswagen designers also changed some elements of the interior of Polo Sedan. The steering wheel, for example, making it the same as in Golf 7 generation.

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