2016 Mini Cooper Convertible Owner's Manual

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2016 Mini Cooper Convertible Owner's Manual

Let it be a sprint or a marathon, thanks to the swift engines, precise transmission and exceptional acceleration, the Mini Cooper S Convertible is a true sports star. And the stabilized suspension, low ground clearance and kart driving feel – in other words, everything you can expect from a MINI – ensure that you get as much fun as you can get on four wheels.

The MINI Cooper S Cabrio Convertible comes standard with a cloth interior, a manual, 15-inch alloy wheels, ABS, stability control, a radio, and six airbags.

The compact MINI Cooper S Convertible Cabriolet is agile and maneuverable, and is always attuned to your actions. Swerve, change direction, park – it does not bother with its mass and dimensions of your desires.

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