2016 Volkswagen Scirocco Owner's Manual

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2016 Volkswagen Scirocco Owner's Manual

Scirocco is built on the same platform as Golf. Therefore, McPherson struts are used here as front suspension, and multilever design is installed behind. Optionally, the coupe is offered with a three-mode adaptive chassis that changes settings of rigidity of suspension and electric power steering.

The Volkswagen Scirocco has a wide engine range which includes both petrol and diesel units. All of them have become more efficient. In particular, the 1.4-liter 125-horsepower petrol engine has gained 3 horsepower, and the two-liter engines give 180 and 220 “horses” that is 20 and 10 more respectively. As for the diesel units, the Scirocco has two (both 2-liter), and they give out 10 and 7 “horses” more than before restyling of the model, that is 150 and 184 hp. Motors work both with a 6-speed manual gearbox, and with a 6-band preselective “robot” DSG.

The car is produced at the Volkswagen plant in OsnabrΓΌck, Germany.

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