2017 Dodge Viper Owner's Manual

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2017 Dodge Viper Owner's Manual

Even though the Dodge Viper Convertible has been in production for over 13 years, it is still the sports car of the future!

The Dodge Viper Convertible features a folding roof with one center latch. This design turns one of the best American sports cars into a true convertible. The soft-top roof is manually raised and folded; its features also include a rigid, cloth-covered magnesium-alloy front panel and an electrically heated rear window. Small mechanisms raise and lower the windows by 8 mm as the doors open, providing an optimal seal.

The construction of the Dodge Viper Convertible uses unusual materials that would be suitable for the filming of a modern action movie. Thus, the front and rear bumpers and fenders are made of lightweight composite material (RIM). The fender supports are made of carbon fiber, so they are strong and lightweight.

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