2017 Ford Transit Owner's Manual

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2017 Ford Transit Owner's Manual

Ford Transit Connect is an M-class van. The second generation made its debut in Amsterdam in September 2012.

To say that the Transit Connect differs from the first generation is to say nothing. Designers Ford did a great job, giving the car a modern and very attractive appearance. And recognizable. At least stand out the branded grille, typical of all Ford cars.

Connect is offered in two versions – short wheelbase and long wheelbase. Depending on this parameter varies not only the volume of luggage compartment, but its capacity: in different modifications the van can hold from 2870 to 3570 liters of useful load weighing from 550 to 930 kg. In the back, at the same time, there are several options: wing doors as in vans or, as in station wagons, with a lifting section.

The ergonomic design allows the driver and passenger to be seated in comfort. The Ford Transit Connect van has been designed to meet the highest safety and anti-theft standards. The security package on the van ensures the best possible protection.

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