2017 Kia Picanto Owner's Manual

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2017 Kia Picanto Owner's Manual

The Kia Picanto X-Line is a more “off-road” version of the A-class hatchback, the third generation of the Kia Picanto model. The car was first shown on September 5, 2017 at the Frankfurt Motor Show.

The fashion for crossovers did not avoid the small hatchback KIA Picanto. Naturally, the conqueror of off-roads, this car can not be called, even though the ground clearance at him 156 mm, which is 15 mm more than the standard version. In fairness it is necessary to notice that the automobile really began to look more expressive and courageous. Distinctive design features of the version X-Line are branded 16-inch wheels, made in the corporate style grille “Tiger Nose” (“Tiger Smile”), more relief front and rear bumpers, the bottom of which installed a plastic protective lining “under the metal. And black plates on wheel arches and sills once again hint at off-road ambitions of the kid. Another feature of the X-Line version is highlighting some elements with contrasting lime color: such color solutions can be found on the grille, in the frame of the fog lights, as well as on the rear bumper.

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