2017 Volkswagen Polo Owner's Manual

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2017 Volkswagen Polo Owner's Manual

Volkswagen Polo GTI (Volkswagen Polo GTI) – “charged” front-wheel drive hatchback class “B”. Built on the basis of the sixth generation Polo. The car showed all modifications on June 16 in Berlin.

The GTI of this generation surprised that it did not “succumb” to the temptation of downsizing. Under the hood of the Polo GTI is “all” 2 liters of TSI system. This motor with index EA888 is already known from Golf GTI, but, certainly, it is forced in comparison with it. Even so, it produces 200 horsepower that in combination with less mass contributes to creation of dynamic character of the automobile: 6.7 seconds up to the first “hundred” paired with 6-speed DSG gearbox with two clutches. As to pass turns, the automobile is equipped already in base with system XDS – electronic blocking of front differential. During high-speed passage of a turn the system “bites” a forward internal wheel for improvement of controllability. In addition, GTI differs from “simple” Polo with 15 mm lowering due to more rigid front and rear springs and other shock absorbers. And for extra charge it is possible to receive adjustable shock absorbers Sport Select with a choice of modes Normal and Sport, switching between which will also change sensitivity of the accelerator pedal and steering settings.

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