2018 Cadillac Ct6 Owner's Manual

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2018 Cadillac Ct6 Owner's Manual

Cadillac CT6 engine lineup consists of three engines. The first and the most unusual by American standards 2-liter turbo engine with 237 “horses”. Such cars are supposed to have only rear drive. However, the bigger caliber in the form of atmospheric 3,6 (335 hp) and twin-turbo 3,0-liter (404 hp) is supposed to have full drive already. Moreover, the last two are available with steering rear axle and adaptive suspension Magnetic Ride Control. The torque in all versions will be transmitted through a 10-speed “automatic” 10L90, which replaced the 8-speed torque converter.

Production of the top hybrid sedan of the American company Cadillac has been set up at the company’s plant in Shanghai. The reason for this is that China is the main market for the model. Developed on GM’s Omega platform, the CT6 Plug-In has only rear-wheel drive.

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