2018 Ford Fusion Owner's Manual

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2018 Ford Fusion Owner's Manual

Ford Fusion is based on the Fiesta model. But it is 103 mm longer, 38 mm wider and 304 mm higher than its smaller sis. That is the new model noticeably grew in height. Due to this the driver and passengers received higher sitting position like in the SUV, which, undoubtedly, affected the quality of visibility. And this, in turn, greatly facilitated the process of maneuvering in the city. In addition, another feature borrowed from SUVs was increased ground clearance, which allows Ford Fusion easily overcome obstacles of urban roads, such as, for example, curbs. And the car has borrowed its flawless handling from the Fiesta, and the Fusion is sure to bring the same enjoyable driving experience as other Ford models. Ford Motor Co. is celebrating its 100th anniversary this year, and the arrival of new models, especially those that open up a new class, is symbolic, as the company demonstrates how cars have changed over the century.

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