2018 Kia Rio Owner's Manual

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2018 Kia Rio Owner's Manual

KIA Rio Sedan (KIA Rio) is a front-wheel drive B-class sedan. American and European version of the model. The car premiered at the New York Auto Show in April 2017.

After the release of the fourth generation KIA Rio in the hatchback body, it was the turn of the sedan, which was shown to the public at the New York Auto Show. The choice of place for the debut is not accidental, because the RIO sedan is focused primarily on the markets of America. Note that the debut for the local market was a double one, because the new Rio model was shown to American car enthusiasts for the first time. Together with sedan was shown also a hatchback.

It is quite natural that both versions from the outside as much as possible are virtually identical, if we talk about the front of the car. The main differences, of course, start behind the middle pillar. The new generation Rio sedan has changed noticeably. Along with a completely new design, the model also received a small increase in overall dimensions. The Rio sedan now measures 4,385 mm in length, 1,725 mm in width and 1,455 mm in height. Accordingly, the wheelbase has grown and its length is now 2580 mm. At the first look at the new generation the austerity and clarity of the lines, which make Rio sedan more mature, is striking. Smooth and rounded contours are in the past and the appearance became more like a classic sedan. The radiator grille, nicknamed “nose of tiger” by designers, has been narrowed even more, and also made completely deaf. The air for cooling the engine will enter through a large lower air intake. The front headlights now look sterner to the outside world. A curious detail can be found in the front bumper: next to the fog lights there are through deflectors, designed to optimize the movement of air flows. The line of side glazing became flatter and lost a small window in the front pillar. And though the stern has changed, but not too much and it has a continuity of generations.

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