2018 Kia Sorento Owner's Manual

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2018 Kia Sorento Owner's Manual

The changes of KIA Sorento’s interior are also local, but more easily recognizable. The completely redesigned steering wheel now boasts four spokes, a new combination of keys and a new design of the emblem space: if previously it was just a circle of perfect shape with a chrome KIA badge, now the circle is inscribed in an inverted trapeze. The design of the gearbox handle has been slightly updated: the holder has become a little bit longer. The climate unit now boasts a black lacquered trim. Sorento versions with leather interior will receive original design of side support area with checkered inserts. The new multimedia system now gives the opportunity to use the systems Apple CarPlay and Android Auto, in addition, the smartphone will now be able to recharge via Wi-Fi. Of the safety innovations we can also highlight the system of tracking the road markings, a system of monitoring of blind spots and distance of a moving object in front, as well as “smart” cruise control. The illumination is now dynamic, that is, it allows highlighting the area where the steering wheel is turned.

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