2019 Chrysler 300 Owner's Manual

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2019 Chrysler 300 Owner's Manual

Elegant and contemporary lines have always been hallmarks of the Chrysler brand. In the Chrysler 300C these features were expressed most strongly and proudly, as well as 50 years ago in Chrysler C-300 – the first representative of the “litera series”.

The shape of the headlights gives the model a finished look. The interior of the headlights and taillights were made with jewel-like care. The dipped-beam headlight bulbs are made in the form of spotlights and provide high quality illumination. The round lamp holder attracts attention with its unique design and precision workmanship. Horizontal stripes of unique appearance outline the turn signal and tail light assembly, paying homage to a representative of the distant 50’s – the Chrysler 300 model.

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