2019 Ford Fusion Owner's Manual

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2019 Ford Fusion Owner's Manual

Ford Fusion is a B-class five-door hatchback built on the platform of the Ford Fiesta hatchback. Fusion was first presented in 2002 at the Geneva Motor Show. Restyling of the model took place in 2005.

Ford Fusion – a representative of an entirely new class of cars, which Ford called UAV (Urban Activity Vehicle). It was specifically designed to operate in cities, where the fast pace of life is an integral part of reality. Now this model, in fact, has no competitors, so we can say that it was not just a presentation of a new model, but the presentation of a new class of cars. Recently, the word Fusion has become common in the vocabulary of modern people. It is found in fashion, cooking, art and means a new fashion style. On the other hand, in translation from the English word Fusion means “fusion”. And this name, perhaps, very clearly reflects the essence of the new car, which is a hybrid of a jeep, minivan and small car. What sets the Fusion apart from other B-segment cars?

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