2019 Toyota Avalon Owner's Manual

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2019 Toyota Avalon Owner's Manual

Externally the hybrid version of the car can be distinguished from the model with a classic internal combustion engine only by special nameplates informing about the “green” nature of the car. As in the “simple” Avalon, facelift of the hybrid version brought a little freshness to the appearance of the car: a huge grille received a different design, horizontal bars in it boast a double bend. The front bumper has changed a little: fog lights’ area is designed in a different way, and they became almost vertical strips. The design of the front optics is corrected a little. The modest chrome trim on black plastic of the bumper.

A “chip” of the hybrid when it comes to interior’s design is the left well on the dashboard. Instead of the classic tachometer as on the V6 version, the gauge is highlighted with divisions that notify the driver what mode he is using the engine power and whether the battery is charging. Also displayed in this well are indicators of the selected mode, of which the hybrid has three: EV, Eco, Sport. Large, almost flat central panel with two screens (touch screen 7-inch is responsible for multimedia system and lower – for “climate” control) and a scattering of touch buttons is not different from the same in “simple” Avalon.

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