2019 Volkswagen Polo Owner's Manual

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2019 Volkswagen Polo Owner's Manual

Polo’s profile has become more lean because of the new stampings on the body panels: the upper goes through the door handles and the lower has become narrower, adding more squat to the car. The top stamping ends at the connection point with the taillights, which received another form: they became wider, and their drawing can now boast an abundance of intricate lines. The black area at the bottom of the bumper has increased significantly. Otherwise, the car’s changes to the rear can be characterized as a “twist of sharpness”: all the panels that were rounded are now sharply outlined.

“More inside than outside.” That could be the Polo’s credo because of the increased dimensions. But it is also correct in the context of the number of changes in the interior. The main interior changes are the new location of the touch-screen multimedia system (it now visually forms a single whole with the dashboard), under which the air deflectors are now placed. In addition, the buttons around the system are now less noticeable. The “climate” area is on the same place, but with a redesigned “appearance. For a separate fee, you can order the original interior design element: the panels will be painted in another color – orange, for example. And of course, the turn of the entire console to the driver deserves attention.

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