2020 Toyota Highlander Owner's Manual

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2020 Toyota Highlander Owner's Manual

The Toyota Highlander is an eight-seat K3 SUV. The world premiere of the third generation model took place in March 2013 at the New York Auto Show.

Telling about the new Highlander, Toyota tirelessly emphasizes that at the heart of all those solutions, which were implemented in the car, are the wishes of the owners of the previous generation model. One of them is to get more space in the interior of the no small car. Japanese readily responded to this request, and managed to achieve a good result without a significant increase in size. Japanese have succeeded so much that could make Highlander eight-seater, that is with three full-fledged seats in the rear, instead of two, as it usually happens. Besides, the interior specialists have made room for several capacious capacities for small luggage. In particular, they located almost 25-liter box under the swivelling central armrest between front seats.

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