2020 Toyota Land Cruiser Owner's Manual

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2020 Toyota Land Cruiser Owner's Manual

The composition of Toyota Safety Sense P includes a system of automatic shifting high beam, a system of control over the markings, adaptive cruise control and automatic braking system with pedestrian detection, working in the range of speeds from 10 to 80 km / h in the presence of a pedestrian and from 10 to maximum speed – when detected by another car. In addition, TSS P includes blind spot monitoring, tire pressure monitoring and an all-around vision system that shows, among other things, the road in front of the nose of the car and on the sides in areas where the driver can not look.

Suspension scheme and chassis features of the Toyota Land Cruiser 200 have not changed. In the front, as before, the independent suspension is installed on two parallel levers on each side, in the rear – continuous axle with Panares traction. The design is completed with controlled stabilizers, equipped with hydraulic cylinders. They are united by a common line with bypass valves. When driving off-road or crossing the axles, excessive pressure is created in the circuit – the hydraulic cylinders open, completely dissolving stabilizers.

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