2020 Toyota Prado Owner's Manual

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2020 Toyota Prado Owner's Manual

As before, the Toyota Land Cruiser Prado engine range consists of several power units with a working volume of 2.7 to 4 liters. All of them are working in conjunction only with automatic transmissions, and all have become a little more economical and environmentally friendly than those units that were installed on the pre-styling version of the SUV.

In contrast to the five-door version, shortened Land Cruiser Prado is aimed at a younger audience who are keen on travel and adventure. It is noteworthy that Australia became the first country where sales of the three-door started. It is also perceived by the Japanese as the main market for the car. However, real demand did not meet expectations of Toyota. The demand for the car in Europe is also weak, although it was decided not to stop selling it (in Germany, for example).

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