2020 Volkswagen Polo Owner's Manual

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2020 Volkswagen Polo Owner's Manual

Volkswagen Polo (Volkswagen Polo) is a compact five-door hatchback. The presentation of the sixth generation of the model took place in Berlin on June 16, 2017.

To call the difference between the generations (the old fifth and the current sixth) very tangible, you have to be an avid fan of the Volkswagen brand. The design of the new Polo generation can rather be called a deep restyling. But “correctly” made restyling – with accents in necessary points – helps to believe the buyer that before him there is a completely new car. Polo of the sixth generation is not an exception to the rule: changes in details (at least externally), but their sum allows speaking about absolutely new appearance of the car.
But first of all the figures speak about the revision: the hatchback became noticeably bigger. Now the Polo is 81 mm (4053 mm) longer, 69 mm (1751 mm) wider and 8 mm (1461 mm) higher than the previous generation model. Not to mention the increase in wheelbase – by as much as 94 mm (now it is 2564 mm). And this allowed getting a very impressive in its class trunk space of 351 liters (previously – 280 liters).

Externally VW Polo of the sixth generation differs from the previous one a little here and a little there, but from all sides, and the main design differences that immediately catch the eye are changed headlights and grille. The headlights are now equipped (even in the basic version) with a broken band of LED daytime running lights, they themselves have become sharper outlined. The radiator grille now has only two “sections” and is visually connected to the hood with a strip in the color of the body. The shape of the front bumper and the hood’s stamping are less noticeable: the bumper’s planes have become less smoothed and the hood now has two sharper lines instead of one on each side.

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