2020 Volkswagen Up! Owner's Manual

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2020 Volkswagen Up! Owner's Manual

Due to the rather low weight of the e-up! (a total of 1229 kg), the car can feel quite cheerful in a city stream: up to 60 km/h it accelerates in 5 seconds. High speeds are more difficult for it: the maximum speed is 130 km/hour. The electric motor has a power of 82 hp and 210 Nm of torque, and it is not necessary to speak about revolutions, from which the torque is available. Average power consumption is 11.7 kWh, so the battery capacity of 18.7 kWh is enough, according to the manufacturer, for 120-160 km range. It will take 7-10 hours to be fully charged from the home outlet. From a more powerful 3.6 kW network the process takes 4-6 hours. Well, the “fast” charging is 80% of the battery in 40 minutes.

“Electric car has such additional options as a rearview camera, a stereo system with 6 speakers and even a panoramic roof, while in the “base” – climate control, rain sensor, emergency braking system (triggering automatically up to 30 km/h) and a stabilization system.

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