2021 Ford Escape Owner's Manual

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2021 Ford Escape Owner's Manual

The car’s profile remains the same: quite big underbars around the wheel arches and black plastic plates all around the perimeter of the body indicate the possibility to drive off the asphalt (but, of course, not risking to drive too far off the road). At the rear the car has acquired new elements: first, changed the shape of the lights (now the part that is located on the trunk lid, has a more vertical shape), and also changed the stamping on the trunk lid. Visually, the space between the taillights has become much larger. The lower part of the bumper remains the same.

In the interior of the Ford Escape, the changes are palpable, despite the fact that the overall architecture of the entire front fascia remained the same. The multifunctional steering wheel became three-spoke, instead of the classic handbrake appeared electromechanical. This allowed you to change the position of the gearbox handle in relation to the driver: if before the entire central console was made in the form of a single hollow block, now it is two physically dedicated blocks (one for climate and another for the gearbox). The section of the climate control has also changed – now it does not have a separate small screen for temperature and air-conditioning settings. The form of multimedia block has not changed, but the screen became bigger.

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