2021 Kia Forte Owner's Manual

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2021 Kia Forte Owner's Manual

The KIA Cerato (KIA Cerato) is a front-wheel-drive C-class sedan. The fourth generation model (called Forte) premiered on January 15, 2018 at the North American International Auto Show in Detroit.

Changing the generation, the Cerato sedan “leveled up” with other brothers in the lineup in terms of design: there is a characteristic optics with four LED elements (similar to the Ced) in each headlight, the false radiator grille in the signature “nose of a tiger” style is refined – its outline is sharper, and the cells inside now have a larger size. The front bumper features three dedicated zones, the central of which is a place of air intake, while the sides play the role of decorative. Interestingly, the Cerato’s front fog lights are now moved closer to the center of the bumper, and the turn signal has “moved” from the headlamp to the bumper light. Echoing the design in the front, the rear turn signal indicators are also isolated in a separate unit on the rear bumper.

And if you look closely at the overall silhouette of the KIA Cerato, it will be noticeable that the connection line between the hood and windshield is shifted back (it really is – by almost 13 cm). This (as well as a 60 mm lengthened rear overhang), according to designers (and marketers), gives the car more resemblance to the fastback. In addition, from the more “expensive” classes came the design decision about the windows behind the rear doors. The total length of the car increased by 80 mm – now it is equal to 4640 mm.

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