2021 Nissan Leaf Owner's Manual

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2021 Nissan Leaf Owner's Manual

Nissan Leaf is an electric C-class hatchback. The updated version of the model debuted in November 2012.

If you look at the Nissan Leaf from the outside, there are almost no changes to its appearance, except that in one of the versions, and there are three, there are 17-inch wheels. In addition, the color of body painting is now seven colors instead of the former four. In the cabin, the dominance of black instead of light colors became the main innovation, and as an option, you can order leather seats.

Continuing to talk about the interior of Leaf, it is worth saying that engineers moved the battery charger to the front of the car, so the volume of the trunk from 330 to 370 liters. The charging hatch can be opened not only manually, but also with a key fob. In addition, the electric car has a heat pump as a heater inside, heating of all seats, steering wheel and even a heat screen on the ceiling. And all this not only did not increase energy consumption, but even reduced it.

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