2021 Toyota Prado Owner's Manual

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2021 Toyota Prado Owner's Manual

Speaking about kitting, they, basically, are the same as before. But now several new systems are available for Land Cruiser Prado. For example, the system of warning about the collision when leaving the parking lot in reverse. And to make it easier for the driver to navigate in space, the car can be equipped with four round-view cameras.

Suspension of Prado is independent, on twin parallel A-arms in front and dependent, with 4 longitudinal and 1 transverse – in rear. In the top configuration there is an adaptive suspension (AVS), which changes its characteristics depending on the type of surface (rocks, gravel, snow, slippery mud). All this has also been upgraded and slightly reconfigured by engineers to make the passengers more comfortable, but without sacrificing the off-road qualities of the car.

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